10 Things You Learn Being the Token Male In the Office.


If you participate in Weight Watchers, you don’t win with the highest score:

I’ll eat it anyways. I win!



Crocheting is a real thing: 

My fingers are too thick for this.


#8. You have to constantly apologize on behalf of the male gender

Numerous of times.


#7. You get the insight scoop of what date night should look like.

Dinner, Chocolate.. and Wine.


#6. You constantly ask for help.

Hey Brianna how do you [Insert 1000 Q’s a day]

#5. When there are technical difficulties

Not yet but soon!


#4. When they nickname you TimBits without your consent

Self explanitory.


#3. When they send you out to do surveys and talk to students



#2. They hate to see you leave early each day.

Later ladies!


#1 They heckle you because you are new and you have a newer computer operating system than them

Tough crowd.



I enjoy working in the Sardine (our office space nickname), everyday is something new and nothing short of entertaining. Being the only male is nothing new to me, however being the only male and having co-workers with the same interest with me is something new. I can come to work and talk about sports, technology and be sarcastic; it is a place where my lame jokes are tolerated and my love for musicals is not held against me.

Bonus Feature:

Name this Sardine member!

Oh, leaving early? Oh, Staying a little later?

Photo Safari Through the Rivers of Thompson

Unlike my colleague who is positioned to the desk on my right, I actually got out of the office (see her safari here its really good) to explore the strange place they call Old Main located at the center of the land they call Thompson Rivers. Through out my adventure exploring the strange land, I saw  zombies like creatures roaming freely through the safari. Many of the zombies seem to enjoy the taste of coffee as they  line up in single file waiting for their hot beverages given to them by a creature who can never get their names correct or count to 20 in english (see Starbucks cup sizes here).  My Canon t5i companion and I only had 15 mins (I may or may not have doubled it) to get through this safari and we came across some strange so I thought it would be appropriate to share.

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Mr. ’94 vs Mr. ’11

Here is a freestyle Poem *ahem* (clearing throat)

I love sports,

I love hockey,

I love Canucks,

I love video,

I love me,

Here is me making a video of Canucks who are my favorite hockey team in a beloved sport of mine.

But for real,

The Vancouver Canucks visited the Stanley Cup Finals in 1994 and in 2011, ending with the same result. However, both journeys to the finals were memorable in there own ways leaving us with one question, which journey was MORE memorable?

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts!


An online website thought it was cool enough to make their website too!


My Sound Tracks

My Sound Tracks- Photo taken by Tim Unaegbu

Sound Track

Who reading this blog had someone say to them that in life there are crossroads, a point at which a vital decision must be made and a path chosen. I have. That has been preached to us we were kids. I can still hear my elementary school teacher giggle when I handed in my “All About Me” project. The project in short was a ghetto version of a blog or stone aged Facebook, where we used photos and our chicken scratch printing to put together booklet all about ourselves.

Comedy Hour

What did my teacher find so comical in my book? She giggled at my timeline I had for my goals in life. What was in my timelines you ask? I will tell you if you promise not to laugh. Ok, here it is:

When I grow up I want to be…

  • Age 18: Graduated highschool
  • Age 20: In the FIFA World Cup,
  • Age 25: In the NBA
  • Age 30: A Teacher
  • Age 40: An actor
  • Age 50: An Astronaut
  • Age 60: Rich
Michael Jordan on Oprah

Pretty ridiculous don’t you think? I thought so too at first however as I reflect back, I believe my timeline has a unique interpretation of my goals.

The Interpretor

  • Age 18: I graduated highschool.
  • Age 19-24: I played university basketball and soccer.
  •                Age 25: I got into film and photography
  •                Currently: Employed at TRU

Now I just have to find my way to Outer Space and then get rich.

Get to the point Tim!

Okay okay, all in all what I am trying to get at is when you reach the “frog” at the tracks  dont feel as if have to chose one path over another but rather choose one direction (Not referring to the boy band) which is always moving forward in life. Have multiple tracks going at the same time, you be suprised at the remix you can cr-cr-create (<— Dj scratching).

DJ Kitty Kat

Thank you for reading my blog numero uno!